A downloadable game for Windows

For ShinySeabass's BIRTHDAY I made him a game. Shiny's quest is one Shiny's journey on the path to partner! Gather viewers in the wild, or go to the live "stream" to catch viewers as they flow down stream. Venture to the great Partner Castle and prove to the Onion Knight that you are worthy to enter Partnerdom!


  • Keyboard
    • Arrow keys or WASD to move
    • Spacebar to Interact
    • Shift + Controls to rotate camera
  • Mouse
    • Right-drag to rotate view

Note: this game is currently crash-prone due to an unknown issue within the engine itself. Thanks for your patience!

Install instructions

  • Unzip for your platform
  • Open Executable


ShinysQuest_Mac.zip 59 MB
ShinysQuest_Windows.zip 55 MB

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